IVESC 2024 Committee

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Coordinator: Kevin L. Jensen, University of Maryland / IREAP

Bernard Vancil, e beam, Inc.

Wayne Ohlinger, Westinghouse Electric Co.

Joan Yater, Naval Research Laboratory

Charles Hunt, University of California, Davis

William Mackie, Linfield College

Mike Green, Varian Medical Systems



Coordinator: Masahiro Sasaki, University of Tsukuba

Junji Itoh, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Toshiaki Kusunoki, Hitachi, Ltd.

Ji Li, China Elec. Tech. Group Corp. (CETC)

Guangyi Liu, Institute of Electronics, CAS –

Gun-Sik Park, Seoul National University

R.S. Raju, Central Electronics Research Institute (CEERI)

YimanWang, Beijing University of Technology

Xiaobing Zhang, Southeast University



Coordinator: Jean-Michel Roquais, Thales Electron Devices

Raouf Bakhtizin, Bashkir State University

Rolf Behling, Philips Healthcare

Nicolay Egorov, St. Petersburg State University

Daniel den Engelsen, Brunel University (UK)

Ian Milsom, Teledyne e2v

Evgenii P. Sheshin, Moscow Inst. of Physics & Tech

Nikolai Sinitsyn, Saratov Dept of Inst. of Radio



The International Vacuum Electron Sources Conference series is devoted to the basic principles, technologies, and applications of various vacuum electron sources. The first IVESC was in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in 1996 and chaired by S. Deckers (Philips), having grown from its Tri-service/NASA Cathode Workshop origins. It has expanded well beyond its Tri-service/NASA focus on thermal emission sources and vacuum electronics to include field, photo, and secondary emission physics and technology, and the devices using them. It meets biannually, alternating between Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the US.
Emission fundamentals and modeling

  • Theory of field-, thermionic, and photo-induced electron and ion emission
  • Field ionization, evaporation, and liquid metal ion sources
  • Physics and phenomena of vacuum breakdown and space charge

Novel materials for electron emission and vacuum tunneling

  • Carbon nanotube/graphene/diamond
  • Wide bandgap semiconductors
  • Negative electron affinity
  • Two-dimensional materials

Vacuum electron sources

  • Theory, materials, structures, devices, and their applications
  • Field emission, photo emission, thermal emission, photo-enhanced field emission

Materials, structures, and characterization

  • Novel cathode devices, fabrication methods, and measurement methods
  • Novel cathodes: carbon and new materials
  • Micro- and nanostructures for vacuum generation and measurement
  • Photo-induced emission and ultrafast electron sources
  • Micro plasmas and discharges

Devices and applications

  • X-ray and electron imaging
  • Displays, sensors, and actuators
  • Emitters for electron microscopy and spectroscopy of surfaces
  • Thermionic energy converters
  • Nanoscale vacuum electronic transistors and novel devices